Caregiver Calendars

Interactive “Help Calendars” help family members to schedule/coordinate care tasks. A caregiver can post updates and tasks that require help. Other family members can easily see and volunteer for specific duties. Reminders are sent so that no one forgets their commitments.



Financial Management & Oversight

Pinecone Partners LLC

Pinecone Partners employs legal and accounting experts to provide routine financial management, bill paying, filing & oversight of insurance claims, preparing court-required asset and financial reports and inventory of all client assets for estate planning purposes. 


Phone: 402-968-5981

Mail/Telephone Solicitations Reduction

Mail Preference Service   https://www.directmail.com/mail_preference/

Federal Government “Do Not Call” Registry   https://www.donotcall.gov/


Service that intercepts and answers phone calls from known scam robotic phone numbers. Free for landlines, $1.99 per month for mobile phones.


US Postal Service Informed Delivery

The US Postal Service will email digital images of mail scheduled to be delivered to you that day. It also allows you to track packages and re-schedule deliveries. Service is free and secure. Enrollment necessary. 


Telphone Service Rebates

The Nebraska Telephone Assistance Program (NTAP) provides lower-income persons a monthly credit for landline or cellular phone service. Applications are available on line or by phone.


Trash & Recycling Bin Pickup From the Door

Elderly or disabled persons can designate a special pick up spot near their house if they cannot physically move cans/bins to the curb. Application and medical statement required.


Phone: 402-444-5238

Utility Shut-Off Notices

Copies of shut off notices can be sent to the caregiver of an elderly person who fails to pay utility bills. Contact Utility business offices.